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Oestercompagnie opens new business in Torino, Italy

This summer Oestercompagnie opened a new business in Italy, called Red Oyster Torino. Mariangela Lugli became our partner and will be carrying out the Oystertainment® concept.

Lugli is a young entrepreneur. After studying business at the University of Torino, she opened her own bar, named Cantiere Edibile. Located at the center of Torino, Cantiere Edibile, is very popular among young professionals. They meet for lunch and come together after work for cocktails and oysters.

Mariangela also runs a catering service. She caters anything from private dinners to big venues in Torino’s social life. Her passion for oysters made her expand her business with Oystertainment®.

Red Oyster Torino had a flying start thanks to a swirling opening party at IQOS Embassy. While approaching the building, the beat of ex model and d.j., xxx was heard. Champagne girls welcomed the guests, and subsequently were being met by Oystergirls.
At each floor there was a different kind of entertainment, like a pole dancer or saxophone player. On the top floor, Oystermen Matijn, Karel and Jan Dante gave an oyster tasting, which the guests loved.

After this kick-start, Red Oyster Torino continued with Oystertainment® at the Italian Riviera and the opening of the Milano Fashion week for Veuve Clicquot. More parties and venues have followed since, with clients such as Jaguar and Porsche.
Whenever in Torino, make sure to stop by at Mariangela’s to meet this energetic woman and her crew!

For Oystertainment® in Italy, don’t hesitate to contact:

Red Oyster
Mariangela Valeria Lugli
Mobile          0333 543 1656
Facebook      Redoyster Italy


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