The taste of Desire

The Taste of Desire

Anyone who has a fascination for people who follow their passion, go and see The Taste of Desire. The film uses the oyster to explore human drives and pops the question with what purpose do we get out of bed each morning? The oyster takes us on a trip around the world, and shines a light on five individuals. They have a special relationship with oysters, and while sharing that, they let us peek inside. The filmmaker, Willemiek Kluijfhout, manages to open them up, so to speak. They show their vulnerabilities, their fears and their dreams. Life can be complex and paradoxical; like an oyster, hard from the outside yet soft from the inside. With beautiful shots of nature and oysters, the story of the five protagonists are blended together, and it makes you realize how special oysters really are. Go and see this film quickly, for it’s playing right now!

Burlesque dancer taste of desire

Burlesque Dancer Angie Pontani, known for her stage act in which she appears from a life-size oyster

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