Sidney Boria Red Oyster Oestercompagnie

Third time at TEFAF, meet Sidney

Hi My name is Sidney Boria and am a graduate with a BFA in Graphic Design.  I’ve got design running through my blood; my father is a graphic designer and my mother an art director, both from very different cultures. Studying graphic design challenges me conceptually and formally—I’m constantly working to find beauty backed by intention.

I love traveling and I have been multiple times to Europe and my journey usually starts in Maastricht at TEFAF. It’s my third time at TEFAF and each time deepens my love for art across different time periods and platforms. My excitement builds knowing how many people make TEFAF possible and how many people travel to participate in such a unique event. One of my favorite things about the Dutchies is their sense of straightforwardness and honesty—it puts me at ease. One of my biggest pet peeves is “beating around the bush”.

I ate a lot of seafood as a child, so I don’t remember my very first oyster. I do however recall trying my first favorite, Raspberry Points from Price Edward Island in Canada. I find the more I study about oysters, especially within the growing oyster world of the States, the more appreciative I am when I try different oysters. Like fine wines and champagne, oysters are a direct link to their environments and growing them is a masterful art.

I first connected with Red Oyster USA when they first started looking for Oystertainers; I am one of the originals in NYC. I heard Red Oyster was looking for talent through my best friend’s father, who has a stand at TEFAF. My friend and I had just graduated and were looking for extra ways to make cash. When she asked if I wanted to learn to shuck I thought it was ridiculous. Fast forward to today: I’m still working at Red Oyster USA with as much excitement for it as when I first started. I’m holding down two jobs, one as a designer and the other running the raw bar at a fantastic champagne bar in the West Village called The Riddler. To make it short, they sometimes call me the oyster queen.

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